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2016-09-11 08:13

DIY Silk Flower Bridesmaid Bouquets

I had talked about the fact I was doing fake flowers at the beginning of my blogging, but that was kind of all I talked about. I had decided that I was going to do them myself and make all the bouquets. I bought the majority of my fake flowers from Hobby Lobby. I knew that I wanted blues and dark purples in all of the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and some other colors in mine. I wasn’t too concerned about trying to make the flowers look real—silk flowers are beautiful as they are, and I didn’t want to worry about trying to fool people into thinking they were real.

Each bridesmaid bouquet ended up being slightly different,5、工作环境好, and that was mostly because I bought them two at a time and forgot what I had decided on and just went with that I had. I worked with a light blue base, and then added purple and dark blue flowers. Having the light blue flowers be my base was smart, as it gave me a place to start each bouquet. I’d just wrap three or four light blue flowers into a small bouquet,2016年六合全年开奖日期表, and then place the other flowers around it till I was happy.

What I discovered is that taking flowers from just a bunch of individual flowers and making them into bouquets is HARD WORK. I found a new respect for those who are professional florists because I ended up taking every single one of my bouquets apart and redoing them! Getting colors even, and fluffiness even, and the bouquets to all be round-ish without any blank spaces is hard! It’s an art form that I now respect a thousand times more. I was so proud of my first one, before I asked anyone who wasn’t me about it, and they all had to break it to me that it actually kind of sucked. But I got better at making them, and I ended up being super happy with how they all turned out.

All photos personal, unless stated / My first version, which was sad and uneven.

The best thing about using fake flowers is that I was able to make them over the entire six month period. I waited till Hobby Lobby had their 50% off floral sales and bought enough for two at a time. I’d make two bouquets over a week or so, adjusting them and redoing parts, and then stick them in a box. The fake flowers could then be puffed up and fluffed all pretty the day of the wedding.

My bouquet was the last floral thing I did. I knew I wanted two things—I wanted a big, round one, and I wanted blue and purple orchids. Those orchids were the reasoning behind our color choices; they’re my favourite flowers, and I wanted them. I also wanted a bit more color in mine then in the bridesmaids bouquets, so I added white, light purple, and pink flowers into mine, as well as the light blue and purple. I think it made mine stand out and pop in the photos.

?My first version of my bouquet

I took mine apart four times before I was happy with it. My issue was that I chose lots of big fluffy flowers the first time around, and I really needed to add some smaller ones that changed the shape of it. After I added some, it all came together.

As for the men, I went pretty simple with them. Mr. Dove got a blue and purple orchid in his boutonniere, and the groomsmen all got a purple rose, the same shade as the girls’ dresses. The orchids ended up being bigger than what I had expected (I had to order them online), so Mr. Dove’s bout was HUGE, but I loved it and so did he. I also used the extra orchids for our mothers’ corsages, while the dads and grandfathers all got white roses.

As for how it all came together: I was very happy. It ended up being bright and cheery and exactly the look I wanted. The flowers were beautiful against the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s vests, and everything popped in the wonderful April weather.

Photo by Frame Studio Photography? / It looks like snow, but it’s actually sleet.

Overall, I loved making my flowers. It gave me something to do over the entire engagement, and I loved that they looked so pretty the day of and I didn’t have to worry about water or temperature for any of them. I displayed mine and Mr. Dove’s flowers in our house, and I plan on doing something with the three bridesmaid bouquets I still have. (I told the bridesmaids if they wanted to keep them they could, if not I would.) There was a big learning curve in making actual bouquets, and I would recommend that you start small and early. I think I easily could have underestimated the difficulty and put making my flowers off, and it would have added stress. If you’re the type of person who likes to craft, has time to find what you want, and can make art out of nothing, I would say that making your own bouquets is totally doable!

Has anyone else used fake flowers or DIYed your own bouquets and boutonnieres? Did you have success?

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