In this modern era, there are many ways to earn money online and the easiest way to earn is through bitcoin mining. You can start earning bitcoins just by installing a special bitcoin mining software on your windows desktop. Usually, the mining software is assigned with the task of solving complex math problems using your desktop’s CPU and GPU resources and in return to solve those problems a certain number of bitcoins are issued and transferred to your bitcoin wallet.

Generally, bitcoin miners help the entire bitcoin network to be secured by solving complex math problems, by solving them, the bitcoin transactions between two people are verified as genuine and then the transaction is approved and the miners get a part of that transaction. Hence, Bitcoin mining is very important and integral part of the bitcoin network.

These days bitcoins are widely accepted all over the globe as a payment option in all the major and minor, industries, businesses, stores, online marketing sites and much more. And the value of bitcoins is continuously increasing and now the rate of 1 Bitcoin is equal to around 7000 US$, which is huge. Hence, if you earn even a small portion of every transaction you approve it has a huge value in the market.

The user base of Bitcoins is increasing at a significant rate every single day. Therefore, it is generating more opportunities for the miners to approve much more transactions and get higher payouts. There are many advantages of bitcoin mining such as :-

> You don’t have to invest anything in it, just a normal desktop present in your home or workplace is enough to start mining.

> Usage of bitcoins is never going to decrease. Making it as a reliable source of earning if you own more number of Desktops.

> The value of bitcoins is increasing every day. Therefore, even if you earn a small part of the bitcoin. It will give you a huge amount of money when converted to your local currency.

> Bitcoin network is one of the most secure networks. Hence, there is no chance of getting scammed.

If you want to add up some additional amount in your income, then bitcoin mining is convenient, reliable and the best thing you can do to earn online without investing anything in it.

Software Mining

One of the most income generating projects is the software mining. This is where one engages themselves to study an existing software in a computer and try to generate another useful way of the software. One looks at the current level of technology and tries to improve the software to cope with the current technology, while at home. This can in turn earn them a lot of money. The one doing software mining will study and understand how the software has been made, the coding or programming of the software, the useful, relevance and then will try to make some changes or additional programmes to it and make it more useful. You try to discover more knowledge about the software and how it can be used to suit the current technology in businesses and other organizations.

To discover knowledge about the software, one has to look at various things such as the design of the software. This will give you the intended purpose of the software and whether it can be used for another purpose. Also the programs in the software, will help the miner to know whether the software can suit another application in a certain field. Programs will give you the specifications made on the software. You also need to study the application of the software. This will give the information about the capability and capacity of the software and whether it can be used to perform another task.

Now, this is one good way of making money at the comfort of your desktop. You only need to make use of a idle desktop and ignite this process. By just taking a software, you can mine it to generate more useful knowledge and the knowledge can be marked to bring income. You need to understand the specification needs of the current business organizations and modify the software to meet them. Then you are ready to make money. Technology is improving, we need improved softwares.